Meet the Chef!

The Knowledge Management (KM) Chef is formulating new recipes as part of LinkedIn’s Trust & Safety team. Former kitchen duties include:

  • Knowledge & Content Manager for an innovative people success platform
  • Lead Content Engineer for a satellite communications company
  • Principal Knowledge Manager with an enterprise email marketing software organization

Mirhonda becomes a stronger advocate for Intelligent Content with each new project. Prior responsibilities included acting as content strategist sous chef, preparing delicious online help dishes for a major HR/Payroll PaaS provider; as well as cooking with a cross-channel marketing company that provides campaign management, customer analytics, and cloud marketing software.

Mirhonda gained extensive KM expertise through her work as the Lead Knowledge Base Content Developer with a leading HR/Payroll SaaS provider. It was there that her love of Knowledge Management began. Serving up knowledge bases to call centers across North America, ontology, decision sciences, content strategy and information architecture provided a feast of ideas regarding usability, user adoption, and customer experience.

Mirhonda earned the first undergraduate degree in Technical and Professional Communication awarded by Southern Polytechnic State University. She also earned an MBA, with a Knowledge and Learning Management concentration, from Walden University.

Mirhonda’s key areas of interest include virtual collaboration, information design, usability, search engine optimization, decision sciences, and knowledge management. Mirhonda is an active member of the Society for Technical Communication (www.stc.org). Mirhonda has contributed articles to the STCAtlanta (www.stcatlanta.com) newsletter, The Society’s Intercom magazine, the 2013 STC Summit blog, and the Center for Information-Development Management newsletter (http://www.infomanagementcenter.com).

Mirhonda served on SPSU’s TCOM Alumni Advisory Board (http://www.tcommons.org/) and is a frequent industry conference participant, speaker, and facilitator. In 2021, she participated on a KM & Content Operations panel hosted by The Content Wrangler as well as the STC KnowledgeXchange initiative to help launch TCOM careers. In 2017, she delivered an Empathy presentation at Scott Abel and Val Swisher’s innovative Information Development World conference (http://informationdevelopmentworld.com/). In 2014, she spoke at Joe Welinske’s WritersUA East (www.writerua.com) conference about “Cultivating a Unified User Assistance Culture”. Over the years, she has presented a variety of topics including team dynamics, careers in knowledge management, content management, and customer feedback. Mirhonda contributed an “Inviting Collaboration with Customers” chapter to the textbook/reference book entitled Virtual Collaborative Writing in the Workplace: Computer-Mediated Communication Technologies and Processes. Her favorite saying is Thomas A. Edison’s “Vision without execution is hallucination.” And yes, she does enjoy the watching cooking shows and videos, trying new recipes, and shopping at Williams-Sonoma.

5 comments on “Meet the Chef!

  1. Mirhonda,

    I may be looking for someone with exactly your expertise and experience. Please contact me if may be interested in moving from Ceridian.



  2. Mirhonda,
    Thank you for the timely and informative articles in your blog! You have a great menu of informative articles. You are satisfying my craving for continued professional development. Keep the appetizers coming!

  3. Hello Mirhonda,

    This is Multimediamike from SPSU. I just wanted to thank you again for coming by to the portfolio open house. I hope you enjoyed your time. If I am not mistaken, you mentioned to me that you have a youtube channel with some chef tips on it. I cannot seem to find it. So please whenever you get a moment send me that link.



    • Hello Multimediamike – Great hearing from you. The SPSU Portfolio Open House was quite impressive. This okkmchef blog represents the extent of my content cuisine tips. However, others have suggested vlogging. I will consider that for the future. Keep up the great work with your own endeavors, including your YouTube offerings.

      Best regards,
      KM Chef Mirhonda

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