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Hello World!

My New Year’s Resolution has morphed into a “before the year ends” resolution. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and I was well on my way as I vowed in January of 2010 create a web site dedicated to my professional passions. Time marched on. The task of creating this site kept getting pushed to the bottom of my priority list. I’d convinced myself that my lack of interest was the result of spending boundless time and energy in planning or maintaining other web sites. I told myself that checking out my colleagues’ web sites would be enough. After all, I have some pretty cool friends who share my love of things relating to user experience, taxonomy, SEO and content development. However, deep down I knew that pointing to the established sites of my cool colleagues wouldn’t completely satisfy me. I wanted to establish my own voice and presence. Also, the control freak in me delighted in the prospect of TOTAL DOMINATION! Well, at least in the form of this site – my own little piece of the cyberworld that I could control. Yet, spring became summer which turned into fall and the desired site remained elusive, always a tiny speck at the bottom of my action item list. But let’s return from Guiltsville.  It took me until the middle of December, but I’m excited about reaching my goal. After all, I planned to launch my site in 2010…I just didn’t say when. Maybe my next post will explore approaches to goal setting…

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