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Priority One: Case Deflection

callcenterKnowledge Management is a relatively new discipline, combining specializations including process and project management, technical communication and business analysis. Sometimes people are not completely certain about what a knowledge manager can do – they just know that they need one – someone to own the process of getting that valuable information out of people’s heads and into a repository and format that everyone can use. Within call center environments, knowledge management is an especially critical role because the ultimate goal is to deflect calls. However, knowledge managers exist across every imaginable industry, even when they are not named as such. When an effective system is in place, one that is organic – natural and growing, one that users barely think about because they are able to easily find what they need and continue on with their day – that is the pinnacle of success for a knowledge manager. I would like to share this exceptional article about The Most Important Job for KM in Customer Service because this valuable message bears repeating.

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