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Why Knowledge Management Matters

KMbrainKnowledge management (KM) is more than the sexy word for training. Don’t get me wrong, learning development is intrinsic to knowledge management. However, KM is about every company’s greatest intellectual assets – the people! Knowledge management is about capturing what individuals know and making it an available resource for the benefit of an entire organization. The NASA definition of KM is found within Jeanne Holm’s paper, Capturing the Spirit of Knowledge Management which is “Getting the right information to the right people at the right time, and helping people create knowledge and share and act upon information that will measurably improve the performance of an organization and its partners.” While some people view KM as a threat, fearing that sharing their knowledge will move them from an indispensable to throwaway status, it actually has the opposite effect. Sharing your knowledge makes you a respected guru throughout the realm of your professional kingdom instead of just a remote departmental village or two. Do you want innovation? Do you want fame? Do you want to be a hero to your internal and external customers? Then become a Knowledge Management champion and revolutionize your organization from the inside out. Collaborate. Create. Innovate. Make decisions and solve problems through the collective expertise of the entire organization. This eye-opening article by Lisa Quast explains Why Knowledge Management is Important to the Success of Your Company

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